In recent years there have been important advances in technology that have changed (and will change) our lives in a substantial way.

Of course, technology is also impacting the industry and, at present, many industries are already making a transition to the paradigm of Industry 4.0 (4th industrial revolution) to provide production processes more flexible, efficient, safe and sustainable.

Industry 4.0 Technologies

Industry 4.0 makes intensive use of new technologies as, among others, robotics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and in a very significant way the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows sensorize the entire industry, sending the data to be processed in order to make the best decisions, surely, in an automated way.

Industrial Internet of Things

And here begins INDUEYE 2.0.

AEinnova’s INDUEYE 2.0 sensing technology aims to help big industries to digitalize easily, costly-effectively being environmentally friendly.

In this sense, the European Industry has an opportunity to increment their productivity being more sustainable. Focused on Energy Intensive Industries with big facilities in explosive environments (called ATEX) such as but no limited to Oil&Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food and Wood industries they have significant limitations to achieve the Industry 4.0 transition.

In detail:

  • Energy: Powering wired sensors requires high investment in wiring (50€/meter of wire) whereas wireless sensors require maintenance (batteries replacement cost about 300€ every 6-24 months).
  • Communications: Wired sensors need high investment in infrastructures whereas wireless in order to save battery use low-range protocols needing repeaters (i.e. Wifi or Bluetooth).
  • Data representation: Big industries use SCADA to represent data. It isn’t flexible, not accessible to historicals, nor web-based/mobile nor predictive maintenance.
  • ATEX. Wireless IoT holds lithium battery that is explosive and highly contaminant. They cannot be installed in explosive environments forcing all sensors to be wired.
    Moreover, these big industries are highly inefficient due to they lose 65% of their energy needs in the form of waste heat (1.4PWh yearly or the 21% European energy needs).

AEinnova creates the first wireless industrial IoT device that solves these limitations. It’s a batteryless, free-of-maintenance, wireless long-range, self-powered by heat and ATEX taking all the advantages of all the state of-the-art. Also, all the data is presented in a Software-as-a-Service IoT web-based dashboard with reports and analytics. The technology’s kernel is protected by patent in EU, USA and Canada.

InduEye 2.0 simple use case

You have more information about the INDUEYE 2.0 project at https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/946845